Why I enjoy the excitement of Eco Printing

Eco printing is fun, exciting  and for me a good change from natural dyeing and felting.   Here in the UK now is the ideal time for eco printing.   The flowers are blooming and the sap is rising as the spring turns in summer. I had a great experience with a workshop in 2016 with the wonderfully generous Fabienne Dorsman-Rey at Art Van Go .  This year I have refreshed some of my Eco printing knowledge as I was lucky enough to win a free workshop with Kathy Hays.

Their Eco Printing methods are not the same but are very complimentary and I would recommend them both.

Looking back a year ago I am delighted with this eco printed and slow stitched cloth I made during and after Fabienne’s workshop.

I also incorporate Eco printed silk into felt pieces. Below you can see where I used the almost shibori dyed edge of a piece of ecoprinted silk chiffon to represent cliffs.

This year pieces include this beautiful sample eco printing with continus, geranium coreospsis and fern.

I have also been trying my hand at making ecoprinted scarfs. I am quite pleased with my first attempt.

The photo is not so good, but I cant find a good way to photiograph a long scarf.  Can anyone advise me ?

This scarf has been Eco printed with geranium and budlehia and  natural dyed with onions.

When it stops raining I need to start harvesting some leaves as I have learnt from Kathy Hays that prnting will work well with dried leaves.  This has the advantage that I can enjoy Eco Printing during the rest of the year.

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Why I enjoy Eco printing

I love the colours you get with natural dyes although the process can be frustrating in its unpredictability. But I find there is a lot of  excitement and even more unpredictability by adding prints of leaves.  I especially enjoy slowly unrolling my Eco Prining bundles and anticipating what has happened during the process.  If you haven’t tried I would encourage you to give it a go.

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