Exciting News

I learned early this week that my piece “After the ice ” has been accepted into the From the Earth exhibition in June.  The exhibition is to celebrate natural and ethical textile practices and will take place in PA Arts Centre Datchworth, Herts.

I am thrilled.  I even get invited to the private viewing !  Here is the piece that will be on display.



Other artists that I know are taking part at this moment are Jenny Leslie and Caroline Bell.

This great news has made me revisit some of my other favorite naturally dyed felt pieces and I thought it was worth bringing them all together here.



Madder dyed shell vessel

Madder dyed shell vessel


Autumn Storm

Dawn Light

Dawn Light

I love the subtle shade changes in these pieces I hope you do too.



Textile festival Leiden

Last week I visited the Textile festival in Leiden with two friends. The festival was in de Peiterskerk , and large spectacular church , in the centre of the town.  There were more than 30 other textile exhibitions in the centre of Leiden , amazing ,and  as it turned out far more than could be visited in one day.

The theme of the festival was Water-land, and this was beautifully interpreted in all forms of textile art.  I photographed a few of my favorites. 

Weaving with a whole new perspective for me.

The beautiful woven book /scroll really captured the peace of the seashore for me.

   I found this piece with its razor shells , very evocative of the shore. 
A more traditional style of embroidery.

A felted piece by  Annemie Koenan , called Genesis – then there was land.            

In addition to individual pieces there were large scale collaborative textile decorations in the church , very hard for me to photograph but I tried.  Here’s one that was called the red carpet and consisted of many many decorated legs.

There was also music and here is one of the the musicians, adding to the fantastic atmosphere. 


There was so much to see in the church , it left very little time for the rest , but we did visit the Japanese museum and saw the truly fantastic kimonos of Itchiku Kubota, who dedicated his life to making them.

This one is from his ocean series.

Overall a fantastic day , with so much to see and a little time for coffee drinking and catching up with old friends.