My favourite colour

Purple is one of my favourite colours. I wanted to test of some surface decoration effects on a felted vessel. I have done many tests before , but never with the high degree of shrinkage that is needed to make a felted vessel robust enough to stand up. This high degree of shrinkage tend to make the fabrics and yarns that have been added completely disappear, which defeats the objects of adding them is the first place. As a change from the more muted colours obtained by natural dyeing I decided to make this vessel from purple merino.


My surface effects were dyed scrim , dyed cotton broderie anglaise and purchased purple silk yarn.Laid out these additions can be clearly seen.

After removing my circular resists they are still visible.


After completing the felting the silk yarn was virtually invisible, and the scrim was now a very subtle effect, well imbedded into the felt. I was right to be concerned that some simple effects would be almost disguised by the process. After some stitching and beading I am however very happy with this finished purple vessel.