From Photo to Felt

My husband is a keen and talented photographer.  He partakes in Blip photo taking a photograph every day and takes beautiful landscapes often getting up before dawn to catch the light. Occasionally he uses software on his iPad to make composite photographs.  I love the vibrancy, surrealism and the unexpectedness of these pictures and some just cry out to me to be made into felt.

Here is an example.


I have been experimenting with turning these kind of photos into felt pictures for a while and like to first make a pastel sketch to work from , as it helps me think about the order of the composition.



I make prefelt  and use fabrics in order to get the strong colours and straight lines required .



I always plan to add lots of machine stitching to add texture and details after felting.  Here I am threads at the ready , photo to hand  about to start stitching on my sewing machine.



In thinking about what this piece should be called , I decided to call it Night in the City , reflecting both the piece and a the sentiments of a favorite song of mine by Joni Mitchell.