Boring but ……

Over the last few months I have made quite a number of wet felted small vessels.  These vessels have been made out of different white fibers and then dyed.  At the time I made them I knew exactly what I had done ,  but coming back to them a few weeks later and I began to get seriously muddled up .  I was no longer sure which was the nettled dyed BFL , or the nettled dyed Polwarth (   Thanks to Teri Berry for these fibers they are great)

Time to take control and keep on track before I was totally confused. Better  admin was an urgent necessity? So I gave each vessel a reference number and a small label with the critical information.

And I started I vessel register on a spreadsheet.  This feels a bit like work   But I know that the key to being able to reproduce these vessels in the future,  is to know for sure what is the fibre , and the shape and the dyeing conditions .  A lot of information , but put together with the  label and a photo of the vessel , I think they will be records that will serve me well in the future.

Here is 2015/ 13  sporting a small slate pedestal , a necklace of lace and dyed with onion.


Followed by 2015/2 from March , also dyed with onion , but made with pale grey Shetland , so a completely different effect.


Collecting all this information together has been boring in some ways , but I think its enabling in others.