Exciting News

I learned early this week that my piece “After the ice ” has been accepted into the From the Earth exhibition in June.  The exhibition is to celebrate natural and ethical textile practices and will take place in PA Arts Centre Datchworth, Herts.

I am thrilled.  I even get invited to the private viewing !  Here is the piece that will be on display.



Other artists that I know are taking part at this moment are Jenny Leslie and Caroline Bell.

This great news has made me revisit some of my other favorite naturally dyed felt pieces and I thought it was worth bringing them all together here.



Madder dyed shell vessel

Madder dyed shell vessel


Autumn Storm

Dawn Light

Dawn Light

I love the subtle shade changes in these pieces I hope you do too.



Dyeing problems

I made this little wet felted and stitched pot to be dyed.


I decided to collect some nettles to dye it.  I thought this would be difficult but in fact armed with my gardening gloves it was really easy.  I just went to a local small wood and there they were waiting to be harvested .   I chopped them up with a knife also wearing my gardening gloves and left them to steep.  At this point I did wonder , how small should they be chopped.  The scientist in me said as small as possible, the practical  person in me said that is just not possible using a knife with gardening gloves and I thought I should not use my hand blender on nettles.

So I steeped and boiled my nettles  and then with  mordant included added my little vessel.  More simmering and standing overnight resulted in this.


I was  disappointed.  Was this the chopping , or the combined dying and mordanting.  who knows?  The only way to find out is structured experiments.  As I wanted my little pot to look more beautiful I decided to go back to my old trusted favorite – onions skins. 

So here the pot is after a redye with onions.  


Looking quite luxurious!

I will have to come back to nettles and try and learn how to use them.   Has anyone got any suggestions ?