I am fascinated by light and water and I am always taking photographs of streams.  Here is one series that I took , a few miles walk up Far Easedale, in the Lake District , UK.

I decided after numerous attempts to draw this photograph which were really unsuccessful to try felting using prefelts incorporating various fibres using just yellow and black merino .

First step , so far so good , but it needed more
 Here I am testing the idea of couching some yellow wool onto the piece.  I choose not to go down this route but to machine embroider with some variegated yellow thread and then hand stitch in black.

Finally I added some orange highlights.  To me the finished piece contains some elements of my sunny stream and I think looks great in a black IKEA frame but the glass is so reflective it does not make a good photo so I photographed it with the mount before I fitted the frame .

A Radical Decision

Back  in June at  a workshop with Jeanette Appleton I made a reasonably large piece of felt inspired by lichen covered rocks.  Ever since then I have looked at this piece , thinking what an earth should I do now with you ???? 

 I eventually decided that something about it did not really work and maybe I should just use parts of it!  Eventually I made a mask out of brown paper thinking maybe make it into a three part piece.  I liked the effect even though it was not choosing my favorite parts with this simple mask. 


 So I thought how about choose three parts , and make them into a large felt piece.   The more I thought about this the more I liked it . So a made the radical decision to cut my favorite parts out of this large felt piece and reconstruct it.

I faffed around for ages choosing this size of the cuts and then the spacing and the size of the piece to put them in. Then I made another large felt piece using the dark brown Masham that was incorporated in the original piece , plus some orange merino to lift  it a bit.  Then with my template I cut up both pieces with my rotary cutter.  No way back now ! 

 I stitched them  together invisibly and then used iron on interfacing to make a robust join.
Does it work ?  Well I think it does.  It is far more dramatic and .. …..  


….and maybe it just needs a little bit of stitching. 

Felting in the garden

It has been the most beautiful weather this week in the Netherlands .  So I decided to do some felting in the garden .  I always feel freer to use loads of water in the garden where I don’t have to worry about mopping up , I also use the hose to rewet my pieces which is really quick and feel that the slats on my wooden garden table help the process.

Outside with my neighbours apples tree in full bloom and the sun shining it’s hard not to be inspired.


I am making a series of vessels to naturally dye.   I decided to have a go at making three at once.  One Polwarth , silk and merino , one Blue Faced Leicester and one LLewyn and merino.


The LLewyn had been in my stash since a Woolfest a number of years ago.    It proved to be the problem child of my trio.  It’s short fibres had made it hard to lay our evenly and that made it subject to  forming holes.  It also required lots more water,  soap and rolling than the others to felt.

I thought about giving up but persisted.  I should not of bothered as I am left with a holey piece of felt , which I think is a hopeless case.  Maybe some creative stitching , arty darning ?  , but no somehow I think it would look just a bodge.


My other two working well and after some stitching will be ready for the dye pot later this week.