How to restart ?

Well after a successful move back to the UK , followed by two weeks unpacking , and a family Christmas and New Year,  I need to start felting again.  In truth we are far from unpacked but the essentials are sorted and now is mostly just a question of time before some modifications to the house can be organized and its dry enough to tackle the jungle of the garden

I have temporarily installed my sewing machine on a small table in the study and put a felting table in the conservatory so nothing is stopping me – except I am not sure what to do !  Before I left the Netherlands I put in my pop up felting studio, some jewellery making partial felt and some beads , but I am not inspired to make any jewellery right now.   I have in my stash of fibres some beautiful fibres that I bought from Meervilt, it’s a mix of European steenschaap and New Zealand Merino and is lovely and bouncy.    I think tomorrow having found these fibres in my sea of unpacked boxes I shall make some felt samples and hopefully that will act as a spring board for greater things.  

I am off to a masterclass at Artybird on Thursday so I also need to get some work together to take to that , realistically the only thing I can take in my small autumn pieces which I have been embroidering over that last month .  This  has been more of a stitching practise than anything else.  


I also have this cheerful bright piece where I am in progress with some gold stitching.

Tomorrow felting samples in my conservatory overlooking my water soaked jungley garden , that how I am going to restart and I will see where it takes me.