Taking my time 

I am coming to realize that it can take me a very long time to finished a felted piece.  In July 2015  I made a piece based on some photographs I had taken in 2014.  The inspiration was wet lichen covered rocks. 

Then I looked at this felted piece and thought what on earth will I do with this now ! For those of you who read this blog , might remember I eventually cut it up.  A radical move , but I still could not finish it ! I loved the dark brown Masham surround and wanted to find away to bring it all together. 


So I took it to a master class with  Artybird and asked ,” what shall I do now”. Various suggestions were made mostly involving bringing it together as a piece.  I thought about this , alongside the original inspiration  for the piece and suddenly I could see a way forward.  Organic stitching across the whole piece, along with the addition of some more fabric. 

So here is the piece being transformed .  

Some stitching and pinning.  And here it is , ready for framing.  It’s only taken me about 18 months to get to this stage!!!!!!! 

A Radical Decision

Back  in June at  a workshop with Jeanette Appleton I made a reasonably large piece of felt inspired by lichen covered rocks.  Ever since then I have looked at this piece , thinking what an earth should I do now with you ???? 

 I eventually decided that something about it did not really work and maybe I should just use parts of it!  Eventually I made a mask out of brown paper thinking maybe make it into a three part piece.  I liked the effect even though it was not choosing my favorite parts with this simple mask. 


 So I thought how about choose three parts , and make them into a large felt piece.   The more I thought about this the more I liked it . So a made the radical decision to cut my favorite parts out of this large felt piece and reconstruct it.

I faffed around for ages choosing this size of the cuts and then the spacing and the size of the piece to put them in. Then I made another large felt piece using the dark brown Masham that was incorporated in the original piece , plus some orange merino to lift  it a bit.  Then with my template I cut up both pieces with my rotary cutter.  No way back now ! 

 I stitched them  together invisibly and then used iron on interfacing to make a robust join.
Does it work ?  Well I think it does.  It is far more dramatic and .. …..  


….and maybe it just needs a little bit of stitching. 

Masham Merino Mixes

I am trying slowly to use more and more British or at least European fibre in my felt and dyeing work.  In pursuit of this aim , I bought some Masham fibre from Adelaide Walker at Woolfest. Creamy white and beautiful brown.


Although I have this aim I do have  a large stash of coloured merino.   I decided to try working with the coloured merino and the natural Masham together.  I did not physically mix them , but have used them together to make a number of pieces.  The Masham is slightly more coarse than the merino , but they blend together beautifully and I love the mix of natural colors in the Masham with the bright colours of the merino.

Here are my finished mixed pieces.



and here is a  small one, actually made with left overs before stitching.


This post has been reissued due to problems with the original posting