I am fascinated by light and water and I am always taking photographs of streams.  Here is one series that I took , a few miles walk up Far Easedale, in the Lake District , UK.

I decided after numerous attempts to draw this photograph which were really unsuccessful to try felting using prefelts incorporating various fibres using just yellow and black merino .

First step , so far so good , but it needed more
 Here I am testing the idea of couching some yellow wool onto the piece.  I choose not to go down this route but to machine embroider with some variegated yellow thread and then hand stitch in black.

Finally I added some orange highlights.  To me the finished piece contains some elements of my sunny stream and I think looks great in a black IKEA frame but the glass is so reflective it does not make a good photo so I photographed it with the mount before I fitted the frame .

Away from home

This week I am away from my studio visiting family and friends so I have not been doing any felting .  A bit of stitching but no felting .  I have had some time to do some walking and photographing in one of my favorite places.  Far Easedale is a valley north of Grasmere.  I find its isolated hills and streams very beautiful and I have often been the only person walking in the valley.  Easter weekend was not quite so quiet but it was still peaceful and serene .  

There is one spot where the beck cascades over some ancient rocks .  It is a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the scenery .  I am particularly drawn to the colours of the rocks with the lichens and the reflections. Here are my favorite images from my last visit.



   I hope I can capture some of these ideas in felt soon.