Dyeing and colour balance 

A number of weeks ago I made two pieces of felt to dye and decided to use the last of the flowering hawthorn in my garden . The flowers are so delicate.

After dyeing there was some nice colour variation across the pieces .

It’s not very dramatic and I thought more colour contrast was needed, so I modified some areas with copper.  This is where the colour balance problems with my camera started to become obvious.

The same pieces , changed orientation , looking completely different colours , when photographed on different backgrounds. The truth , in my opinion , not as yellow as the white background , but significantly darker than the wood background.

Apart from this I thought further differentiation was still needed so I modified a part of each with iron.

Now I felt I’d gone to far , but there is no turning back unfortunately . 
Finally I decided some more stitching was required in the hawrpthorn dyed cotton and silk from my dye bath and also with some medievil black silk I had just bought at woolfest.

On the White 

And on the wood , with the true colours somewhere in between.


Well after last weeks disappearing yellow dye , I first rushed out to see if there was any hawthorn blossom left.  I was in luck as the trees down by the river were still mostly in flower and I was able to easily pick some more.  I do wonder if the colour comes from the petals , which are really beautiful , or for the tiny berry in the middle of the flower ? 

 I also had a good look at my pans , and concluded they were not very clean.  So I boiled them with washing soda solution which produced a ghastly pink scummy solution. I then scrubbed them with abrasive powder cleaner and finally rinsed and rinsed.  

In parallel with this I was making another vessel to dye .  Trying Shetland fibre again.  

Looks a little hairy as it still here needs a shave and I am still not 100% happy with the finished felt quality , which I will investigate.  But my hawthorn flowers were waiting , so I stitched with silk , cotton and linen   

and dared to dye again.

I am so pleased with the colour , what a beautiful springlike yellow.
I just have to work out now to be 100% happy with the felting and the dyeing at the same time.! Or on reflection maybe that’s not possible, just more happy with them both will do.