Where has the yellow gone ?

At this time of the year there are a huge numbers of flowers and leaves that can be harvested and used for dyeing.  Unfurtunately I did not plan ahead and have not got a collection of felt waiting to be dyed.  Shame .  Never mind I shall research this year and plan ahead better next year.

I did have this sweet little vase , waiting to be dyed . 

 I thought it would look lovely dyed yellow.  So out of the multitude of options, I chose hawthorn flowers.  Well in truth I didn’t so much chose them , but came across them while looking around the local woods with my trusty ‘Wild Color’ by Jenny Dean, my scissors and my gardening gloves in my rucksack.  
Always make samples they say!  So I did , here they are good shades of yellow , especially on the silk.  

Well having made my samples I left my dye mix to cool down over night , whilst soaking my little vase.
I thought the dye mix looked a little darker in the pan the next morning but didn’t really think about it too much. It a black second hand pan so you can’t see much.   In I plunged the vase and gave it the occasional stir whilst it warmed up again.   Strange I thought it looks very pink.  Somehow instead  of the vase becoming yellow it was becoming pink.   Quite a pleasant shade of pink but not yellow.   

I don’t know for sure why this has happened, but I think it’s either madder still attached to the pan , or the spoon, and slowly dissolving into the water.  A bit of a lesson here.  Make sure my pans are really clean and use clean spoons.  The problem now is , I am not sure there is any more hawthorn blossom left on the trees as it has been quite windy and rainy.  I will have to go out and have a look.