Felting ready for dyeing

I have been preparing a couple of felts for dyeing.  The inspiration is some rocks.


Thinking through a plan in my note-book for the felts and fibres.


And laying out ready for felting.  The pieces all use Blue faced Leicester fibre.

IMG_1809 IMG_1812

I laid out some dark and some light fibre on the back and felted the pieces.  I stopped felting when the pieces where about 20% shrunk , to check them and to add some hand stitching.




If you look very closely you can see stitching on the fabrics.

After final felting., they were ready for some more hand stitching and some machine stitching.


Here the stitching is more visible , with the lovely variation you get , when you combine all the different stitch techniques together.  Ready now for the dye bath.



Side by side 

Multicolored steenwol and Blue Faced Leicester.   

 Two vessels in the making.  One destined for the dye pot.  The other just for fun.  Exactly the same amount of fibre and exactly the same resist.  If I make two vessels at the same time I find it saves a lot of time.  I don’t normally make such a contrasting pair.  I am trying to get ahead and have lots of prepared felt for dyeing when the weather warms up, and I wanted to test out the Steenwol, as I love it’s bouncy texture but I have not much experience in using it. I did wonder if I would get fibres from the Steenwol migrating into the natural vessel , but this did not happen. 
Once the resists have been removed the vessels  need to be treated as individuals.  

The BFL vessel has been hand stitched in silk and cotton which should give a lovely shade variations along with the two fibres colours when it is dyed. 


I am wondering it I actually need to stitch a few heavier marks to complete this little beauty. .?  And look at the escaped fibres from the Steenwol, when dry they are getting every where.

I got out my machine and free motion stitched the little Steenwol vessel heavily , trying to make it look more like a a pottery vase.  Then some beads and some final hand stitching and it’s finished – I think.