Most of my natural dyed felted vessels are quite small , about 5cm in diameter and only weigh about 10 grams, as such they are so light they are likely to be blown over unless fastened down in some way.  I have thought about how to make a base in keeping with the natural nature of the pieces for quite a long time , and eventually decided to give small pieces of weathered slate a try.  Small pieces of slate are readily available in the spoil heaps from old slate mines.  I like the idea that the wool , the dye and the base were all originating  in the countryside.

But how to attached the two together ?  Here is the solution.


Not my normal felting equipment but very well used for other things as you can see by its battered case.  I needed a small training course before I could use it !

First a tried one hole but the vessel seemed too wobbly to me , so I nervously drilled a second hole close to the first.  Nervously because I thought the piece of slate would shatter.  I need not have worried it seems incredibly strong.


I packed the holes with some felt as the edges were quite sharp and then simply stitched the vessels to their new plinths.

I am very pleased with the results.


My two onion dyed vessels.

And my two blackberry dyed vessels.


Blackberry pink

Beautiful juicy blackberries growing in all the hedgerows.



Good for eating and also good for dyeing.  I have to admit I am not a big fan of eating them straight of the plant , but I do like them stewed with some apples. But today I could not waste them by eating them as I wanted to check out the results of using them as an dye.

I first made a tiny little wet felted vessel, with  six points , which I stupidly did not photograph !  I then did some simple stitching on it with cotton yarn.  After soaking for an hour or too, it was plunged straight into the dye pot.  Just a few hours later a sweet little pink pointed vessel emerged.  I love both its smallness, it’s pointedness and its pinkness.


Now I have heard that you can freeze blackberries and then dye with them , so I better get out and pick some more.