Frustrating week

Everything this week seems to have gone not quite right.

Firstly I have finished framed and hung on the wall , nine felt pieces.  These pieces originated from a felted jacket that did not fit too well.  They are simply framed in wood box frames.

I am very pleased with them but unfortunately I can photograph them in situ , due to reflections .  Well I can but they don’t look so good,   Perhaps non reflective glass is the answer , but that’s quite a bid deal to change them all.

Here is the best I can do.









So I have come up with a bit of a cheat.

P1100412 (2)P1100417 (2)P1100416 (2)






P1100415 (2)P1100414 (2)P1100413 (4)






P1100412 (2)P1100411 (2)P1100410 (2)






All individually photographed and then added here one by one.   On my screen this is a square , not quite as square as in real life , but so much better without the reflection of me !  I think , another frustration it’s possibly not even square for you viewers … Aargh …….

Next I got together these items , a small pot and some jewellery to dye.









I thought I would use some birch bark I collected last year.  I could not find my old dye pans , they are lost somewhere in my unpacked boxes. so I used one , that I think is Aluminum.  I naively thought I should boil up the broken up bark- easy.











A murky brown , not the pink colour I had been expecting. Is this the pan , or is it that on further reading I see, that I should have steeped the bark for a week- not boiled it at all.  So all I can do now is leave it for a week and then see what colour it is then.  Still brown I expect , but I shall just have to be patient and see.







Stocking up 

Over the last few months I have been foraging and collecting and stocking up on materials I can use for dyeing in the future.  Whilst walking I have been picking up lichen that has been washed off the trees by the rain and now have a small collection of two varieties.  I have still to research what colours these will yield.


I found some fallen down tree branches and collected some silver birch bark .  I am hoping this will give a beautiful pink colours.


Both in the UK and in the Netherlands , I have found is very easy to collect alder cones especially after all the heavy rain we have been having.  These can be used as a mordant , or a dye.  Only a few months ago I don’t think I really knew what these were. !


I harvested some young bracken shoots and some dock leaves , which I have dried.  They don’t look very inspiring any more but hopefully will give green and browns.


I have really enjoyed slowly collecting these materials and I am planning to collect berries and fruits in the next few months. Lots of dyeing to look forward to 🙂