My use  of alpaca to date has been as a yarn for texture.  I like to do this as it takes up natural dyes slightly differently than wool adding both texture and shades simultaneously.  You can see this in the madder dyed piece below , where the alpaca yarn  is at the top and slightly lighter than the surrounding wool

I  was therefore interested to see how the fibre itself felted during a day this week at Artybird in Carnforth.   The fibre I had to felt was one year old alpaca , the youngest and softest .

It has less scales and less crimp than wool fibre.  Perhaps it would be very hard to felt.  


With four thin layers laid out I just used my normal techniques and only cold water and found I could easily and quickly make a small sample.  I had embellished the piece with a small amout of darker shades is alpaca and they were well connected.  This piece is light and strong and slightly hairy.
I tried again , using finer lines of the darker fibres and adding some cords.  Again easily felted , but overall not as pleasing as my first piece , the dark cord really detracts from the rest of the composition.
I am encouraged to seek out the alpaca fibres I have in my stash and test them out , and I think I am going to try a bit of solar dyeing with some onion and pomegranate on my window sill on these two samples.