Today I managed to find time amidst my house rebuilding and family matters to get to Yarndale.   What fun , lots of stalls,  animals, and yarn.

A brace of knitted road kill.

A crinoline of fibres

Miles of crocheted  bunting . 

A very cute baby alpaca.

Some yarn bombing.

It was also great fun to see some large sheep puppets , they appeared all over the place and here they are posing with the finger puppet knitted van.

All in all a great day out . 

Staithes Art and Heritage weekend 

What a wonderful weekend this has been.  After months of planning by me and I am a sure even more months of planning by the organisers , the sun shown and the crowds poured in.  

I shared a location in Trig point at the top of the village with 6 others artists.   Trig Point was an old army camp and dates back to the First World War.   Here some photos of our brilliant displays in the old dining room.

Lots of visitors !

Everyone had a great weekend and hopefully we will be able to go back next year.