Iron contamination

It is often importance to control the temperature of the dye bath. As I had  broken my digital thermometer this week I bought a replacement .  Just a simple sugar  thermometer this time.


I used it to keep the temperature of my onion bath at around 80 oC .  This worked well .  I was pleased.  Then I  left the thermometer standing in the pan whilst everything soaked for about 24 hours.  Perhaps this was a mistake.

Look at these spots .  I can only think these are iron contamination.  I have dyed many times with onions skins and never seen anything like this before.   These are test pieces so it’s not the end of the world , but it yet another reminder of the care that is needed when using natural dyes.  Change nothing !! Easy to say , but really quite hard to do .  
  On my small vessel there seem to be no spots I am quite pleased with it , and maybe the spots on the bracelets , can be considered part of the design.    Well maybe ! 

Anniversary give away

A year ago I  was busy building my website and it went live on the 29th March 2015.   I did not know if it was the right thing to do , but I felt it was a move I should make so I could showcase my work.  I did not get someone to build it.  I thought that after all my years of working with computers it could not be that difficult,  in most respects I was right and I was pleased with the final outcome.

But did it deliver me anything.  That is an impossible question to answer.   In the year I have written 42 blog posts , have had 900 visitors and 3000 views.   Nothing drastic has happened , nothing has gone viral – never mind I never expected it too.  The target I set myself was to grow my audience gradually over time and this is  happening.   I hope this continues.

In the last year I have felted a lot and stitched a lot.

I am now going indulge myself and show some of the gems that you can see on the website visit . Leave a comment and you will be entered into a draw for this felted picture.   I would love to hear from you.










Beautiful slate necklace

Slate Necklace

Luscious purple bowl



The lights of Rotterdam shining out !



Pomegranate vessel

Happy Easter and thanks for reading and commenting .

Frustrating week

Everything this week seems to have gone not quite right.

Firstly I have finished framed and hung on the wall , nine felt pieces.  These pieces originated from a felted jacket that did not fit too well.  They are simply framed in wood box frames.

I am very pleased with them but unfortunately I can photograph them in situ , due to reflections .  Well I can but they don’t look so good,   Perhaps non reflective glass is the answer , but that’s quite a bid deal to change them all.

Here is the best I can do.









So I have come up with a bit of a cheat.

P1100412 (2)P1100417 (2)P1100416 (2)






P1100415 (2)P1100414 (2)P1100413 (4)






P1100412 (2)P1100411 (2)P1100410 (2)






All individually photographed and then added here one by one.   On my screen this is a square , not quite as square as in real life , but so much better without the reflection of me !  I think , another frustration it’s possibly not even square for you viewers … Aargh …….

Next I got together these items , a small pot and some jewellery to dye.









I thought I would use some birch bark I collected last year.  I could not find my old dye pans , they are lost somewhere in my unpacked boxes. so I used one , that I think is Aluminum.  I naively thought I should boil up the broken up bark- easy.











A murky brown , not the pink colour I had been expecting. Is this the pan , or is it that on further reading I see, that I should have steeped the bark for a week- not boiled it at all.  So all I can do now is leave it for a week and then see what colour it is then.  Still brown I expect , but I shall just have to be patient and see.